Free shit, man! That rocks. Christmas lights aren’t the only things getting turned on this year!

When Sam Frist surprises her family with a Thanksgiving visit, she’s shocked to find her high school crush and arch-nemesis in her bed. Kyle’s hotter than ever—and more obnoxious—so she’s not sure how she’ll stay sane this weekend. Then her mother charges them with a task they can’t refuse: craft a holiday light display that will shame the entire neighborhood. And do it together.

Kyle Emerson, orphaned by his family for the holiday, is relieved the Frists offered him a temporary family. But when Sam shows up, the weekend goes from comfortably dull to terribly exciting—even potatoes and Christmas lights become a competition. They’d been fierce rivals as kids, but now they could be fantastic partners if they can put aside old grudges…and new distractions.