Women Doing Horror

There are so many awesome posts out there about Women in Horror Month (which is, you know, happening), especially a few concerning entitled MRA types who feel like women don’t deserve a month of recognition in a year where they are continually marginalized, overlooked, ignored, shunted, or hobbled. One of these snowflakes has gotten a lot of attention this year for calling women hags and criticizing our (and some dudes’) creds compared to his amazing talent. He’s had enough attention, but the issue of women in this genre still needs some discussion.

Since everyone else has spoken on WiHM, and they’ve all been awesome and eloquent and right on, I want to encourage my peeps to pick up some women’s horror this month. Let’s watch The Babadook together because #NotAllHags are talentless…just bypassed. Let’s read Women Destroy Horror because #NotAllHags are riding the coattails of the men who claim the most space in this genre*. Let’s read The Yellow Wood by Melanie Tem when it releases this month because #NotAllHags are still around to demand space with the force of their talent. And for the rest of this year, let’s deliberately look for the horrors women bring to bookshelves and movie lists and playlists because #NotAllHags think one month a year is enough…it’s just a good place to start.

Comment here with the names of women bringing horror to the masses. Let’s celebrate the contributions our sisters are already making to a genre that still has a whole lot of room for more.


*No, seriously. Read it. The first story is powerful and flips gender expectations beautifully.


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